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Select which taste of Poland suits you best

We offer a la carte menu according to our best knowledge and experience. We follow new tourist trends and use new ingredients from our local Polish market. Please feel free to make a choice – a quick bite like weekend at one of the three main cities or full culinary experience….


a'la carte


[available all year round]

Take a bite of Poland Recommended! contact us
  • weekend kick offs
GREEN WARSAW contact us
  • culture and lifestyle
Golden Cracow contact us
  • history and gastronomy
Blue Gdansk & Sopot contact us
  • freedom and activity


[obligatory to warm you up]

Warsaw contact us
  • barszcz*
Cracow contact us
  • żurek*
Gdansk & Sopot contact us
  • rybna*
Zakopane contact us
  • kwaśnica*

* nice to speak some tasty Polish names or use to start a small talk

Mains & Desserts


[choose one or combine to create a great travel feast]

Warsaw vibes contact us
  • Lazienki / Wisla / Chopin
Warsaw past contact us
  • Starowka / Palace PKiN / Polin
Warsaw now contact us
  • Koszyki / Wisla / Praga
Cracow vibes contact us
  • Wawel / Rynek / Klezmer
Cracow past contact us
  • Wawel / Kazimierz / Pogórze
Cracow now contact us
  • Wisła / ICE / Dolne Młyny
Gdansk & Sopot vibes contact us
  • Motlawa / molo / shipyard
Gdansk & Sopot past contact us
  • Amber / Westerplatte / Grand Hotel
Gdansk & Sopot now contact us
  • ECS / murals / party
Zakopane vibes contact us
  • Tatry / oscypek* / sport
Zakopane past contact us
  • wood / craft / folk
Zakopane now contact us
  • nature / spa / event


[not to be missed]

Active Warsaw contact us
  • bike/boat/walk
Culinary Warsaw contact us
  • pierogi/ wódka/ czekolada*
Communist Warsaw contact us
  • fun / Palace PKiN / nyska / ogorek
Shopping Warsaw contact us
  • fashion / craft / food
Cracow contact us
  • Wieliczka / Salt / Mine
Culinary Cracow contact us
  • obwarzanki / wino / kielbasa*
Artistic Cracow contact us
  • stained-glass / bohemia / folk
Active Cracow contact us
  • walk / food / walk
Gdansk Shipyard contact us
  • Walesa / Solidarność / Cranes
Spa Sopot contact us
  • pier / beach / spa
Active Gdansk & Sopot contact us
  • boat / bike/ walk
Culinary Gdansk contact us
  • craft beer / fish / amber

* nice to speak some tasty Polish names or use to start a small talk



Fruit juice or/and Polish wine contact us
Apple juice/and or Polish cider contact us
Water or/and Polish vodka contact us
Kompot or/and Polish beer contact us

Special Menu


[especially for you tailor made fine dining]

Feasts and celebrations at castles and palaces contact us
Gala dinners at unusual venues and top restaurants contact us
Meetings and Incentives at best hotels and unique locations contact us
Study tours for architects, journalists and slow life enthusiasts contact us
Theme tours – speciality of the chef contact us